The name's Derek. Derek Jones. 18 and part time worker at Starbucks. Well, I use to be. Now I'm more focused on my other job. Recovering escaped property from Itex. Heard of it? I'm sure you have, we've made quite a name for ourselves. I'm a pretty nice guy who happens to love his job. As long as you're not a mutant freak, or a cop, I'm sure we can get along. Just don't piss me off, I'm known to have a short temper. //Independent Maximun Ride RP blog. Will RP with anyone, just tag me, drop me an ask or whatever. I track the tag theoneandonlyderek. Warning: Derek swears sometime (more than sometimes) and he can get violet so, yeah. Also important: Just because Derek doesn't like you, doesn't mean Mun feels the same way! Derek doesn't like a lot of people.//